Developed with instructor and students in mind

Instructor access is free.

Students purchase a 12 month subscription for $15.00 (normally $20.00).

After Instructors sign-up, from the Instructor portal, share the class URL with students to ensure their subscription accounts are linked to the class and instructors can view student progress.

Access includes:

  1. Individual teacher and student account access to tablet and web versions
  2. Robust chemistry content organized into eight interconnected games: Radii Trends, Ionization Energy, Ionic Bonding, Lewis Structures, Acid Strength, Intermolecular Forces, Latent Heat, and LeChâtelier.
  3. Leveled challenges and an exploratory sandbox for each game
  4. Supplemental instructor resources to facilitate a seamless integration into existing curriculum plans
  5. A teacher dashboard for student progress and performance reports
  6. Professional development webinars

Higher Ed Instructors
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*Collisions Higher Education is currently available for US based college/university educators and students only.

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Important Notice

It is with regret that we inform you that Playmada has decided to cease operations. After June 30, 2022 we will no longer be able to provide customer support and training for Collisions.

As of July 1st, 2022, Collisions will remain available and free to all educators and students.

Unfortunately, email, phone or training support will not be available. Visit our user support forum at https://playmada.boards.net.

We welcome you to continue making the most of using Collisions for free in your classroom.

Thank you for your support.